Our Story

At Santa Familia we are dedicated to delivering a unique sensory experience that celebrates life, friendship and family.

Where the journey began…


One of our owners discovered and invested in a small tequila production company on the outskirts of Guadalajara that specialized in creating taste profiles for aspiring tequileros.  Fascinated by the tequila production process, and the multitude of taste profiles that can be produced from the same agave plant, they purchased the company and began creating expressions for entrepreneurs, foreign nationals, and aspiring tequileros.

Early 2018

In 2018, several lifelong friends were traveling to their alma mater Penn State for a football game. For the plane ride, each had each brought a bottle of their favorite tequila. Although each tequila had its charm, none of them seemed to have it all. After sampling each bottle ranging from small batch handcrafted tequila to well-known high volume production tequila, a challenge was made.

“Why can’t you make a small batch handcrafted tequila that is authentic but create a taste profile that doesn’t burn when
you drink it?”

Secretly the challenge was accepted. 

End of 2018

Back in Mexico they began an exhaustive search to create the highest quality, smooth and pleasant tequila possible. During the search a production assistant told a story of a tequila they were asked to make for a Quinceañera. The host wanted an aged tequila heavy in oak and vanilla to serve to the guests (his Familia) but wanted it crisp and clean to symbolize the innocence and holiness (Santa) of his daughter turning 15. The solution was an aged añejo tequila with the color and impurities filtered out turning it into a crisp clean cristalino. Due to the cost prohibitiveness of making a tequila with this process, the host ultimately decided not to move forward with the tequila.

Without knowing it, Santa Familia was born.


In the summer of 2022 Santa Familia Añejo Cristalino Batch 001 was created and shipped to the United States.


In the summer of 2023 Santa Familia Reposado Batch 001 was created and shipped to the United States.



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