Our Values

At Santa Familia, we honor the legacy of crafting exceptional tequila while embracing a profound commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.


Ripe Agaves

In our pursuit of crafting the finest tequila, we adhere to an unwavering principle: only harvesting overripe agaves.
By choosing quality over quantity, we ensure high sugar content and, ultimately, the production of top-tier tequila. We believe in preserving agave biodiversity and employing sustainable farming practices to nurture the land.

Land Stewardship

Our agave farms, under the dedicated care of the Santa Familia team, prioritize ecological sustainability. We reject the use of chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides, opting instead for organic compost and natural pest control measures. Crop rotation revitalizes the soil, and we grant the land time to recover between agave growth cycles.

Community &

Fair Trade and
Fair Wages

Our commitment extends beyond agave farming; it encompasses the well-being of our farmers. We prioritize fair trade practices, ensuring they receive a reasonable price for their crops. By fostering sustainable farming, we contribute to agave plant biodiversity and promote ethical labor conditions.

Local Communities

We have a profound sense of responsibility towards the communities we touch. We actively collaborate with like-minded partners to amplify positive impacts.

Our support extends to non-profit organizations such as Make The World Better Foundation, Philly Music Fest, (Be)Philly Foundation and Bringing Hope Home. These organizations are dedicated to strengthening neighborhoods by creating a sense of ownership over public spaces and providing unexpected amazingness to local families with cancer through financial and emotional support.

Preserving Heritage,
Creating a Sustainable Future

At Santa Familia Tequila, we celebrate our heritage while forging a sustainable path forward. Our commitment to quality, community, and the environment is at the core of our mission. We invite you to join us on this journey as we craft exceptional tequila and deliver an experience that delights the senses and makes a positive impact on our society and planet.



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